Jun, 2014

Conversational search is the future!

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How has your SEO strategy been affected by the Hummingbird update? Unless your website was very outdated or using questionable SEO techniques, this new search algorithm shouldn’t have negatively impacted your rankings at all – but its emphasis on conversational search gives clues to how future web design might be headed. For now its always good to remember: Original and engaging content is still king Legitimate back links that are earned using proper SEO are still important The same signals that worked before will continue to garner results Keywords will […]



Jun, 2014

Easy Payment Website Packages!

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We’re delighted to announce that as part of our anniversary celebrations we’ve launched easy-payment options for all our website packages, allowing you to get your new website now, but spread the cost over 4 months! Because all these deals include 1 years hosting, it doesn’t cost a penny more than our standard prices either! Details are here: https://avondhu-internet.com/easy-pay-packages/



Apr, 2014

A brand new website – for me!!

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The time has come again – my existing website was less than 14 months old, but technology moves fast and I found myself becoming a little jealous of my clients websites recently! There were some new simple, clean but powerful wordpress themes available, and when I saw this one I knew it had to be mine!! The new website will officially launch at the end of April, but please bear with me until then while I tidy up a few loose ends.