Dec, 2016

Helping New Businesses To Grow

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The world has changed. As a small businessman, a startup owner or a tradesman – a window cleaner, or a painter, for example – it’s no longer enough simply to have a mobile number on which you’re available. It’s not enough just to have an email address by which you can be reached. The fact is that nowadays, even a small business simply must have a website.

In a recent article, it was revealed that nearly half of all small businesses do not have a website. There were two main reasons given: 1) Small business owners didn’t feel a website was relevant to their industry. 2) They thought that getting a website would cost too much.

The Avondhu Internet team want to debunk both of those myths, starting today.

Firstly, whatever your chosen field of expertise, we’re almost certain a website will be relevant to your needs. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your target audience isn’t online. In the UK, over 92% of households have an internet connection. In the USA, where many of our small business clients are based, it’s over 88%.

Going by these simple statistics, you can see that the chances of your potential customers being online are overwhelming.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your specific industry won’t have customers online. We’ve created websites for a wide variety of tradesmen, for example, including window cleaners, painters and builders. They’ve seen tremendous results in terms of enquiries and sales.

And, crucially, having a website works. By having a website, you’re opening yourself up to a vastly increased number of customers. A whopping 91% of customers have used a physical business after visiting their online store.

Not just that, but 70-80% of people research a company online before they actually use them. If you’re not online, then you’re basically invisible to these people. You’re cutting yourself out from a potentially massive chunk of your target audience.


Secondly, please don’t think that as a tradesman, or small business or startup owner, a website is too expensive for you. If you think that, you simply haven’t been looking in the right place.

At Avonhu Internet, we tailor our offerings so that there’s something available for everyone, regardless of their financial means. Our cheapest business website offering, the very reasonably-priced ‘Bronze Package’, still has everything you need to get started. That includes SEO-optimization and an integrated blog system.

If you want to avoid paying a larger sum up front, we also offer monthly Website Rental deals. Again, a Bronze Package is on offer for smaller businesses and tradesmen which still includes everything you need to get started.


We’ve shown how vitally important it is that tradespeople, from painters to window cleaners, have a website. We’ve also shown that, regardless of popular misconception, it’s affordable too.

You shouldn’t give your hard-earned cash to just anybody, though. A website is still a significant investment of time and money, and is only a powerful cash-generating weapon when it’s designed by the right people, and maintained by the right hands.

Here at Avondu Internet, we’re pretty confident we’ve got some of the surest hands in the business! We have extensive experience of working with an international range of small businesses and tradespeople. We take the time to really get to know every single person we work with, and design them a website perfectly suited to their needs. In recognition of the significant investment you’re making, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means we’ll keep working on your site until you’re completely happy, once and for all.

So if you’re a tradesman, or small business or startup owner, don’t leave yourself website-less for another minute! Get in touch online here, or call us on +353 (0)85 1464221 today.

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