Jul, 2014

Get to the top of Google searches for FREE!

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I often get asked about SEO and boosting Google rankings of a site – and anyone who knows me knows I HATE paid SEO services with a passion and I’ve never used them on either of my sites (www.avondhu-internet.com and www.the-web-design-guy.com)

So – how do you get decent Google rankings without paying?
Well nothing worth having is completely free, but in this case its going to cost you time, not money.

1. Get a Google Places listing for your business & include your website in the listing.
2. Submit your site to as many free online business directories & search engines as you can. There are hundreds of these, so set yourself a target of maybe 20 – 30 a week, EVERY week.
3. Choose your keywords wisely – use the Google keyword planner to discover exactly what words & phrases related to your business are actually being searched in your area & target the ones that will perform the best.
4. Leverage social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pintrest etc – DON’T setup accounts & forget about them as an unused account is worse than no account at all – update any social media accounts at least twice a week.
5. Spread the word! Include your website link in your e-mail signatures, forum signatures etc.
6. Use your website blog regularly, at least twice a month.
7. When writing your social media posts or blog articles, make sure you include relevant geographical keywords (The names of the areas you work in or where your customers are from) and also service/product keywords (The names of the services/products you offer).
8. On occasion (Maybe every 4th or 5th post) link back from your social media to specific pages on your website that are most relevant to your article. Don’t always link to the home page.
9. Don’t spam keywords – each keyword shouldn’t be used more than once every 150 words otherwise Google might penalise you for spamming!

These steps aren’t just “a helping hand” with SEO anymore – as Googles algorithms evolve to have more emphasis on social & conversational searching it is becoming ESSENTIAL – especially if your website is new & you have local competition with a good online presence!

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