Sep, 2016

Changes To The Website Rental Deals

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A little over 2 years ago saw the introduction of website rental deals, which have been a huge success & sold far more than we expected.

We have learned a few things in the past two years though, and since the first quarter drop-out rate on these packages is higher than we expected, we have taken the decision to place a minimum contract term of 12 months on all future sales.

We know that most on the cancellations we’ve gotten are due to genuine reasons – but despite that, it simply isn’t sustainable for us to spend a full week or more building a website that could be cancelled the following month, and introducing a 12 month minimum contract means that we can invest the time & effort into your new website that it really deserves, without worrying that our efforts won’t be rewarded.

This change affects all future sales & is effective immediately.

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