Dec, 2016

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Avondhu Internet Services To Build Your Website

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Do you know how many websites there are on the internet? Over 1 billion. That’s pretty amazing. But do you know something else? We don’t care! That might sound like a strange thing for a website development company to say, but it’s true. We don’t care, because you, as a businessperson or as a small business owner, don’t care either. The only website that matters to you is your own. The only websites that matter to us are our clients’. Of those 1 billion websites, at least 1 million of […]



Jul, 2016

Web Design Tutorials

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Want to learn more about web design – upgrade your existing site or build a brand new one, or even work on your SEO to improve your Google rankings? I’ve started a series of web design tutorials that will show you step by step everything from the very basics, right up to advance features like e-commerce, all available for FREE, on Youtube!



Jul, 2014

Get to the top of Google searches for FREE!

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I often get asked about SEO and boosting Google rankings of a site – and anyone who knows me knows I HATE paid SEO services with a passion and I’ve never used them on either of my sites (www.avondhu-internet.com and www.the-web-design-guy.com) So – how do you get decent Google rankings without paying? Well nothing worth having is completely free, but in this case its going to cost you time, not money. 1. Get a Google Places listing for your business & include your website in the listing. 2. Submit your […]



Apr, 2014

My Personal Top 3 Website Blunders

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I get asked to look at a LOT of websites – and its surprising how many people make exactly the same mistakes. It happens regardless of their technical ability,.. so here’s a very short list of my personal top 3 website mistakes that could be costing you sales: 1: BE CONTACTABLE! I see websites all the time with broken contact forms, old phone numbers that are no longer in service – or worse, no phone numbers at all! Make it easy for your website visitors to contact you, otherwise they’ll […]