Nov, 2016

Black Friday Offer – Free Blog Management

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Blogging is as old as the internet itself.

Ok, so that might not be exactly true. But what is true is that blogs are a fundamental cornerstone of the web, and one of the most important factors in how the whole thing got to be so popular in the first place.

However, there’s a fundamental underestimation of how blogs can be used. Most web users still simply see them as modern replacements for people’s personal diaries, or as a way to keep up with the latest goings-on in their favorite hobbies and pastimes. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s a view that’s only scratching the surface.

People don’t realize that blogs can also be one of the most powerful tools a business could wish for. We’re hoping to correct that in this particular post. For your reading pleasure, and your future business success, we’ve outlined why you need to step up your blog management in the form of a short Q&A!


So, what exactly is SEO?

It’s a very, very complicated business; that’s why it’s best to hire experts, like Avondhu Internet Services, to take care of it for you!

Briefly, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s all about getting your website to rank as highly as possible on organic (not paid for) search engine results.


How does blogging help my SEO?

We’re glad you asked! Again, we don’t want to get too technical, but here’s a quick and easy explanation.

Regular blogging is a massively overlooked way to boost your SEO. Search engines use bots to regularly check each website for new content, which they then index and rank.

The chances are that you don’t actually add new pages to your base website very often. You probably have an ‘About Us’ page, a ‘Contact Us’ page, and a few product pages in between. By adding new blogs to your website regularly, you’re giving the search engine bots fresh content to index and rank, and increasing the chances of your website appearing when people search for relevant terms.

Adding new content, in the form of blogs, also adds to the number of these relevant terms – keywords – that can be found on your website. By including relevant keywords and key phrases in your blogs, you increase your chances of being found.


How else can blogging help me?

Firstly, it increases your chances of selling to new customers.

Somebody new may have found your website, but now you actually need to convince them to buy from you. By regularly posting relevant, well-informed, professional-sounding blogs, you come across as an authority in your chosen sector.

There’s also the benefits that come from simply keeping someone on your website longer. Having interesting, entertaining blogs to read increases the chance of a new visitor staying longer on your site. The longer they stay, and the more familiar they become with your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you.

It can also help you to keep hold of existing customers. If people keep returning to your site, but never see any changes, you come across as a stale brand. You risk falling foul of the magpie effect – people will see a newer, shinier competitor and fly right on over. By contrast, if every time they come to your site they see new content has been posted, you come across as being active, and passionate about staying at the forefront of your industry.

This goes for absolutely every industry; we work with a number of cleaning companies, for example, and it’s just as important for window cleaners to stay at the forefront as it is for tech geeks like ourselves!


I’m starting to get it. Anything else I should know?


We deal with lots of sole traders and small businesses, and we know exactly how important value for money is to them.

Blogging is an extremely cost effective way of bringing people to your site. The costs of online marketing techniques such as banners, pay-per-click adverts and paid-for advertising (such as Google Adwords), can quickly mount. They’ll (probably) bring some traffic to your website, but at a hefty price.

Blog management services, like the ones we offer, are much more reasonable, while achieving proven results.


OK, so I’m tempted… but why should I go for it now?

We’re writing this piece to coincide with our Black Friday offer, which we think you’ll agree is pretty special. You can get 3 months of blog management, worth £180, absolutely free, if you sign up for one of our Business Website or E-commerce Website packages before December 4th. Find out more now on our Facebook page.



Don’t repeat the mistake that so many other sole traders and small businesses make, by underestimating the importance of professional blog management. This is an easy way to get a step up on your competition, and increase your online presence, coming at a reasonable price and with minimal effort needed by you.

With our spectacular Black Friday deal still on offer until December 4th, there’s truly never been a better time to try out professional blog management.

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